Thursday, May 23, 2013

Turning Around My Day

Well this has definitely been a down day. Haven't did anything all day but lay around in bed and sleep. Finally got up and dressed around 2:30 in the afternoon.  Then decided to go on and do the dishes which I didn't want to do. But was tired of looking at them as my son wouldn't do them. I told him it was a greasy mess and now I knew why he didn't do them. Claimed he done them all the time which wasn't true as I would do them cause he would leave them sit for days. Said I messed up dishes too but this time I only used a bowl for ice cream, a coffee cup and a glass for orange juice all week. Been eating out or having bagels and cream cheese. Needless to say I went on and did them. Going to sweep his floors a little later as I have a dog that has chewed up some paper so want to do that so he can't complain. 
Someone told me that he wanted me to move in so he would have a free babysitter ( which I am) , cook meals and clean house also pay the bills. I am beginning to wonder. Though I don't cook , he has to do that ( I like sandwiches and Lean Cuisine or weight watcher meals) if I don't order out. Don't clean his house , but have done dishes several times and even his laundry twice ;as was tired of him starting it then leaving dirty cloths in the kitchen floor and at the bottom of the stairs in the living room. Besides had to get the washer and dryer emptied too so I could do my laundry. I only pay half of all the bills except the phone, cable , Internet ( it is a package deal) and his car insurance as it is linked to mine.
 I have got to change directions. If things don't get better I am going to move out.  This is too much I may as well kept my place but thought living together would help us both out as he had gotten laid off from his job . I could help him with the bills and get out of debt myself. But so far it is not working out that way. Not getting any of my bills paid. 
Anyway my day didn't start off good but going to be better. Going to figure out what I want to eat, may order a pizza :) and get a movie to watch. Then going to do my laundry and pack for a trip I am taking to visit my other son in Toledo this holiday.  Looking forward to seeing them as his wife spoils me. Got to love her. :) Besides want to get my son to start going to church and we have a lot to talk about.