Thursday, May 23, 2013

Turning Around My Day

Well this has definitely been a down day. Haven't did anything all day but lay around in bed and sleep. Finally got up and dressed around 2:30 in the afternoon.  Then decided to go on and do the dishes which I didn't want to do. But was tired of looking at them as my son wouldn't do them. I told him it was a greasy mess and now I knew why he didn't do them. Claimed he done them all the time which wasn't true as I would do them cause he would leave them sit for days. Said I messed up dishes too but this time I only used a bowl for ice cream, a coffee cup and a glass for orange juice all week. Been eating out or having bagels and cream cheese. Needless to say I went on and did them. Going to sweep his floors a little later as I have a dog that has chewed up some paper so want to do that so he can't complain. 
Someone told me that he wanted me to move in so he would have a free babysitter ( which I am) , cook meals and clean house also pay the bills. I am beginning to wonder. Though I don't cook , he has to do that ( I like sandwiches and Lean Cuisine or weight watcher meals) if I don't order out. Don't clean his house , but have done dishes several times and even his laundry twice ;as was tired of him starting it then leaving dirty cloths in the kitchen floor and at the bottom of the stairs in the living room. Besides had to get the washer and dryer emptied too so I could do my laundry. I only pay half of all the bills except the phone, cable , Internet ( it is a package deal) and his car insurance as it is linked to mine.
 I have got to change directions. If things don't get better I am going to move out.  This is too much I may as well kept my place but thought living together would help us both out as he had gotten laid off from his job . I could help him with the bills and get out of debt myself. But so far it is not working out that way. Not getting any of my bills paid. 
Anyway my day didn't start off good but going to be better. Going to figure out what I want to eat, may order a pizza :) and get a movie to watch. Then going to do my laundry and pack for a trip I am taking to visit my other son in Toledo this holiday.  Looking forward to seeing them as his wife spoils me. Got to love her. :) Besides want to get my son to start going to church and we have a lot to talk about.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Have Fallen By The Wayside.

It has been sooo long since I have posted anything here. It has been hard reading some of these posts. My beloved husband got really sick after my last posting  and he passed that February. So I lost myself and sorta fell by the wayside as I was grieving so much. Didn't do anything or go anywhere. Then a couple years ago I started trying to get my life back together as I seemed to hear him telling me to stop crying. He enjoyed life and loved people and so I knew  he wanted me to go on with my life. So even tho I still miss him and cry sometimes I am doing the best I can.
Went back to my church and trying to do the Lord's will. I have gained weight so now I am going to try and get a hold of my eating and change my eating habits .  Want to start eating healthier and lose the excess weight. 
Also want to start posting again on my blogs. As I need to do that to keep myself motivated and see where my head is.  So today is a start in a new and the right direction, I hope.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ups & Downs

Well I am up today. Went to church this morning with my friend and did enjoy the service. Those I must say I really enjoy hearing the word. I used to love the music as I would praise the Lord in a dance. BUt now can't do that on account of my weight and knees . I do praise the Lord still but not the same way. When I got home I had to clean up dog mess as my dogs stayed in the house last night and they are not house broken. At least 2 of them are not I have 4 rat terriors. I hated that , they are supposed to be outside in a pen but my son let them in as it was so cold out. They are really house dogs but I just can't keep them in here all the time. Looks like they will be in here tonight too but tomorrow they are going back out. I didn't have to cook today my husband wanted barbequed wings so he went to the store came back and fixed them. He is watchin the super bowl so I am on here for awhile. Though I do think I just may get off here and fix something to go with them as I am hungery and I want more than chcken wings. It is already around 7:30 so guess I better go fix something then I can come back and post on my Sexynangetting Sexier Blog. As I want to post what I eat and my points as well as a couple other things. Meantime I hope all who read this are having a super day today.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Date Set

We got a letter from the attorney today with the date to go for a hearing about custody.I am hoping and of course praying that everything will go well this time.And we will finally see our grandson at least till the final decision on custody is made. The date is also the day I have a doctors appointment for my physical. I probably with change that appointment as I haven't even gone and had the tests or my mammagram yet. I really don't want to go but know I should.
My hubby didn't go to dialysis today as his stomach was upset and he had to stay close to the bathroom. He got our son to go get some medicine so hope he will be better tomorrow. He is losing so much weight and he used to be a strong muscular man, but now he is so little.It really hurts me to see him look like this. But I am praying that he will get better and start putting on weight again. The doctor told him it will take about 3 more months for him to start feeling better and get his appetite back.
Well tomorrow is super bowl Sunday and even though I don't like football I will let him watch it on the big TV. And guess I will be on my computer after church. Weiting abaout church I better go to bed or I might miss church again as it is already 2 in the morning.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Different Name

I have started a new blog and it was under a name I like better for a christian blog. So instead of having to sign in under different names all the time I will be using the same name on all my blogs when posting.NancyakaNan. I am not feeling so sexy right now anyway.
Well for more news , my son is trying to get custody of my grandson. We have a hearing date next month and I am praying things work out for him. His girlfriend got another boyfriend and made some false charges against him to get his name off the lease they had and has kept the baby away from all of us ever since. She is bipolar, maniac depressive and from what we hear is on coke (the drug) too. She has been in the mental health hospital. It is such a mess but we are really worried about our grandson. We used to babysit and keep our grandson overnight a lot while they both worked or when they wanted to go out. Our son's friends is also telling him he needs to get custody as she is not taking care of the baby , she leaves him with others all night while she goes out and with no pampers and dirty clothes on . He is so upset as he took care of his son ever since he was born. He would even take him with him when he went job hunting sometimes as the mother was either working or sleeping.
We all miss him sooo much, and pray that we will get to see him soon. We still have his Christmas presents except for a couple outfits that were taken back as I figured they would be too small. I plan on buying him some more when we get him.
My hubby is feeling better now . He is up fixing his self breakfast of a morning and doing dishes. He even did his laundry one day. You may say I should be doing that but I think it is better letting him do it. Cause if I did he would just continue to lay around not doing anything. And I think it is best and he will start feeling better if he does something. The doctor told him the other day that it will take 2 or 3 more months for him to start feeling more like his old self.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Long Time

It has been awhile since I have last posted. Was in a funk as I didn't feel like doing anything. Stopped doing my flylady stuff like making my bed every morning and shining my sink at night. Also didn't do anything around the house at all. My hubby started doing the dishes of the morning and fixing his breakfast. I loved doing psp but didn't even do that or get on any of my groups. I just sat in my recliner in front of the television all day until I decided to go to bed. I had rejoined Weight watchers and didn't even go back
I am better now , finally started doing stuff again. Yesterday I started making backgrounds for yuku groups and made a tag. Today I have been doing laundry, trying to get that done up.And also been playing with my psp and doing tutorials. I don't know what kind of mood I was in other than just didn't feel like doing anything and being lazy.
I did go to the doctor and it is time for my physical and I dread that. Going and having to take all the tests. I am putting that off as long as I can before my next doctors appointment.

Friday I am taking my dog Suzie and having her spade. She has had 2 litters of pups and I don't want the exspense of another litter. I raise rat terriors so there tails have to be docked , dew claws removed, wormed and of course puppy shots. Then it costs $65.00 to run a ad in the newspaper to get rid of them.
Anyway that is what has been happening (nothing) and what I am doing now and plan to do.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today is another lazy day

Today has really been a lazy day for me. I didn't get up until noon , shame on me. I didn't even take the time to make my bed, just got my bath and came downstairs.Been on my computor most of the afternoon. Until Roscoe had to go to diailysis. I rode and went with my son to take his dad to treatment and went to weight watchers and signed up. I am hoping it will help me to get on a diet plan and stay on it. I haven't did any house cleaning or cooking at all. I have a meat loaf and thinking about having that for dinner. Just hope Roscoe will eat as lately he is saying he is not hungery.
It has been snowing all day yesterday and then today.But has stopped this evening and I am glad .I am hoping it melts and doesn't freeze.